The veil of Maya

Maya is a word of hindu origen.

It is the veil of illusion or of limitation.

Looking for an analogy which represents the world of reverie,

I concentrated myself on an everyday activity: the moment when we close our eyes to cross into a dreamlike dimension.

Closing your eyes you manage to tear the veil of Maya and fight against the dream of reality.

Everything is phenomenon and appearance; us too.

I photographed 75 eyelids. All of them unique, different ages and nationalities.

I captured a moment of intimacy with the cold camera lens.

I’m interested in fixing what we experience before totally losing consciousness, without a notion of the limits of the body without noticing where the person ends and the world begins.

That moment when you abandon yourself so that space begins to invade you, until total stillness.

The composition of the work becomes an amalgam of signs, a language of eyes which speaks like writting reminding you that life and daydreams are pages from the same book.